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Truck Drivers: They're Looking Out For Your Safety

Posted by Greg Roberts on 2/18/16 10:42 AM


On an average day, we all make thousands of decisions. For professional drivers, those thousands of decisions contribute to your safety and wellbeing while on the roads.


Every day, professional drivers must follow an exhaustive list of safety guidelines to make sure they can deliver their cargo while keeping our roads safe, such as:

  • Watching out for you when they're making turns at intersections, merging onto an interstate, changing lanes, while parked on the shoulder of the road, while they're driving through crosswalks, etc. They do this because blind spots—especially on the passenger side of the vehicle—can make it hard for them to see you or your vehicle.
  • A driver must be able to manage all kinds of unexpected situations, identify potential hazards ahead of time, and plan an escape route. As you can imagine, a 70-foot vehicles doesn't turn or stop on a dime.
  • Drivers have to look out for signs that others are talking or texting on a mobile phone. Inconsistent speed, not maintaining their lane of travel, and sometimes drifting from lane to lane (much like a drunk driver) are all indications of a distracted driver.


It's a tough job, but it's rewarding. Are you looking for a career with average national earnings of over $47,000 per year and that's in high demand in our region? Look no further. Check out Texarkana College's Professional Driving Academy, which will put you on the path to a career in truck driving in only 5 weeks.

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