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Save Time and Money! Take Classes at TC this Summer

Posted by Traci Pitman on 3/3/16 4:00 PM

Are you a college or university student who's coming home to Texarkana this summer? Use your summer wisely! While you're home, you can take transferable community college courses to get ahead and save money—this is called enrolling as a transient student. Here are a few reasons picking up classes at TC is a smart choice:




1. You'll save time.

Want to graduate early or take fewer hours during the fall or spring semesters so you'll have more time to focus on your classes? Taking mini-mester and summer classes at a community college can help you get ahead.



2. You'll save money. 

Face it: college isn't cheap. Taking just a few courses at a community college's incredibly low tuition rates can save you and your family thousands. More money in your pocket and less student loan debt? Major win.



3. You'll ace tough subjects.

What seems impossible in your university's lecture hall (or the teaching assistant's office) might make more sense in a smaller classroom setting. Community college profs have excellent credentials are are committed to helping you ace your coursework—you'll never be just another face in the crowd.


Browse our course listings to see what's available!


Ready to get started? We've got the perfect tool to help!

Download our TC Transient Student Guide to learn everything you need to know to enroll as a transient student at TC.

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