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Things Firefighters Do When They Aren't Battling Flames

Posted by Traci Pitman on 11/4/15 1:39 PM

When you hear the word “firefighter,” you might picture a person in uniform wielding a giant hose and battling a raging fire. But the term firefighter is a tad misleading, because these everyday heroes play a much bigger role in keeping us safe than we ever realize. 

When they aren’t fighting fires, you might find them... 

1. Using the jaws of life to rescue someone from a dangerous car crash.


2. Zipping themselves into Hazmat suits to help clean up chemical spills.


3. Saving people who are stuck in hazardous flooded areas


4. Inspecting homes and businesses to make sure they’re enforcing safety standards


5. Providing emergency medical treatment on the scene of an accident


6. Working out to stay in shape and performing practice drills


7. Speaking about fire safety at your local school or workplace


8. And, when they have time, rescuing kittens from trees.*
*Well, not really. They're usually too busy saving lives and keeping folks safe, so most fire departments don't rescue cats from trees anymore. But who doesn't love ending with a kitten?

Firefighting is a challenging career, and it’s not for the faint of heart. The best firefighters are completely dedicated to making their communities safer. They keep their minds sharp by continuing to study even after they graduate from a fire academy, and they keep their bodies strong so they can haul heavy equipment (and people, when necessary).

Do you have what it takes to be a firefighter? The Texarkana College Fire Academy can put you on the path to a firefighting career.


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